Happy International Internet Day (Plus: Cats!)


The first time anything was transmitted over the internet was October 29, 1969: Leonard Kleinrock, Charley Kline, and Bill Duvall attempted to send the word “login” from one computer to another, and the internet was born.

Their initial attempt was . . . marginally successful:

“So I’m on the phone to SRI and I type the L and say, “OK I typed in L, you got that?” Bill Duvall, the guy at SRI, is watching his monitor and he has the L. I type the O. Got the O. Typed the G. “Wait a minute,” Bill says, “my system crashed. I’ll call you back.”

Interested? Read more about the day in this Q&A with Charley Kline.

Later that afternoon, they managed to send the entire word. And a mere 47 years on, we can send letters, cash checks, make friends, order pizzas, go to school, and more, all over the…

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